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Getting Started

  Tip of the day: If you already have a website, place the hoplink link on your website to link from your site to our site. This step will allow you to maximize the profits from your existing site.

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To get started just follow are easy step by step instructions below:


1. If you are not already a Click Bank member click here to Join Click Bank

2. Enter your ClickBank nickname:

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  Marketing: Below is one of our most profitable ways of getting traffic and sales to your site.

Google Advertising: More than 200 million times a day, people use Google and its partner sites to find what they're looking for. Now you too can start profiting from this great explosive opportunity by advertising on google.

Important: Make sure you use the clickbank hoplink in the Destination URL when creating your ad with google.

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  ADS TO USE:  Below is the most powerful tested and proven ads you can choose:
Ad #1
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Government Seized Vehicles $200
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Ad #3
Police Auto Auctions
All makes and models including:
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Ad #4
Police & Government Cars $200
Get access to nationwide seized
database. All makes and models!

Keywords To Use:  Below is the most powerful tested and proven keywords you can use: (Copy keywords below and paste them in your campaign when creating your FREE account with google)

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Below is additional ways to advertise and market your new business:


Pay Per Clicks: Other good ways to promote your new business and earn fast money is to use Pay Per Click search engines. Click Here To Get Learn More and To Get Started!


Web Link, This Step is For Those Who Already Have a Website That Generates Traffic: This step along with the above Goolgle and Per Per Clicks can maximize your profit potential.

Instructions: Place the web link that was provided to you by our credit card processing company ( on the previous page on your web site. You may also use our powerful tested banners. Click here to choose one.


Checking Your Profits:  Now after you've placed the banners and or links on your web site, all you have to do is sit back and watch the profits roll in. You can check your profits in realtime. Click Here To Login And Check Your Profits!